Reviews about Colife

Feel the atmosphere of COLIFE from those who already live with us
  • Daria Kudelina
    Hello!!! I really want to share my opinion about the wonderful Colife✨ Amazing project that I can’t stop admiring! Here, everything is designed for comfort: cozy and modern interior, service, responsive staff, location, neighbors. Everything to feel truly at HOME! ❤ As a university graduate, it was important for me to quickly find a place to live. The lack of experience in apartment hunting, fears, and anxieties quickly disappeared when I came across Colife. A couple of clicks, and I found a suitable room. Then a manager contacted me, and voila! I live in a picturesque place, close to work, in the company of wonderful people. Everything is simple and concise. Thanks to Colife for the sense of confidence, peace, and comfort, for a HOME ❤
  • Anastasiya Kozyreva
    Living is easy when grandma’s wallpaper doesn’t peel off, the kitchen faucet doesn’t leak, and all shower cabin modes work in the bathroom! Taking photos is cool when you have light walls, a stylish interior, and perfect lighting even on rainy days! Working is a pleasure when nothing distracts or bothers you! And if the view from the window is amazing?! For the second month, my Colife room is my cozy nest where everything is just as I like it — minimalistic, stylish, close to the center, and with a cool friend in the neighboring room! Thanks to Colife for comfort and saved nerve cells in the housing choice ❤
  • Sofia Fomenko
    Hello, everyone! My name is Sophia, and I want to express my immense gratitude to the Colife team for their assistance with the move and the cozy apartment. I needed to move urgently within a day, and thanks to the guys (specifically Sergey and Karina), it happened quickly and comfortably. I like the location and the wonderful atmosphere of coziness at Colife, created by people to make you feel at home even when far from loved ones. Thank you very much for this!
  • Anastasia Laim
    Hello! I want to thank Colife for their coordinated work and care for their residents. I was very lucky to find a spacious and bright room in a wonderful area with convenient transportation accessibility.
  • Daria Petrova
    With confidence, I can say that by choosing Colife in my housing search, I saved a lot of time, energy, and, most importantly, nerves. The company has a very responsive support service that is always ready to answer any questions and solve practically any problem related to your apartment. The rooms are very bright and will serve as a cozy shelter in this sometimes overly noisy and fast-paced city. In our apartment, the neighbors are very quiet, and we respect each other’s personal space, which is definitely a plus. In general, I can express a huge thank you to Colife for their work and care for the residents.
  • Tatiana Pavlyuchenkova
    My partner and I joined the Colife family three months ago 😌 For us, it was important that our new home be warm, cozy, with a good kitchen for conversations with new neighbors 🥰 We never expected to find a place for our inspiration and work as well 😍 I wish everyone a home as fulfilling as ours ❤️
  • Kristina Chernova

    I am very grateful to Colife for dispelling my fears about moving. Everything turned out to be much easier with their help. I find a multitude of advantages in living here. I’m very fortunate to have friendly neighbors and a pleasant atmosphere at home 🍂. And I can even watch the sunset lying on my bed 🌤. My only regret is that I didn’t take this step sooner 🧡
  • Milena Astakhova

    Colife is the best option to find accommodation near work/university and, as a bonus, get like-minded neighbors, fresh bright renovations, and excellent managers. I had been eyeing Colife apartments from different angles for a long time, couldn’t make up my mind, but after my lovely room in Taganka and my favorite neighbor saved and brightened up my weekdays during the dreary quarantine, I regret not moving here much earlier. If your heart skipped a beat at the sight of these apartments, just like mine did, don’t hesitate! Perhaps this is the chance to get a cozy nest that you won’t want to leave for many months or even years.
  • Maria Ershova
    Hello, everyone! COLIFE is a find for those looking for comfort, modern renovations, cleanliness, proximity to the metro, and developed infrastructure near the place of residence. Every day, I am immensely happy that I once came across an advertisement on Instagram and decided to move ❤. Another major plus is the weekly cleaning in the common area, which allows us to do without duty lists and cleaning in shared spaces. By the way, the neighbors are very friendly, and when you’re not quite ready to live alone, it’s the perfect way to hear "good morning" in the morning 😊
  • Yulia Oreshnikova
    Opening the fridge for the first time and seeing two packs of oat milk on the shelf, I said to the manager: "I'm not the only one here who doesn't drink cow's milk, so we'll get along." 😅🥛
    And we did become friends. ❤️
    The @colife managers say that in their apartments, you can find people with whom life and daily routines will be as comfortable as possible. Here we are, going for a run, studying English together in the evening, discussing everything under the sun, shopping for groceries together, or just spending time from lunch until evening.
    I spent the quarantine within the walls of @colife, never feeling boredom or loneliness, while everyone else was getting bored in confinement! Now, if I move, it's only to @colife and only with my neighbors. 💫☺️
  • Eldar Karimov

    My name is Eldar, and I’ve been renting a room with a roommate from Colife for half a year now!
    Our room is huge and bright, which is always a delight. In addition to the soft and comfortable beds, there’s a large corner sofa in the room where we watch movies or read books in the evenings.
    The apartment is very cozy, and all the amenities are available. Cleanliness and order are maintained by a cleaning company. Any issues are resolved immediately, which is very convenient. Now I recommend rooms and apartments from Colife to all my acquaintances and friends! 💜