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388 apartments in Dubai, Istanbul and Moscow
on the market since 2018
there are more than (sounds better) 90,000 people in our social networks
There are 1400 people living in our apartments right now
Colife is an apartment rental service in Dubai, Istanbul and Moscow

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Live in the best areas and buildings in Dubai with 24/7 service

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We create cozy yet convenient space: we think of the lighting, the view from the window, the tower and the neighborhood
You won’t have extra charges for DEWA, chiller, Wi-fi, any maintenance and weekly cleaning
We record the rental price in the agreement. The price will not be changed. We can communicate both in English and Russian
All our objects have stylish design
We provide 24/7 service
We make clear agreements
We provide the best customer service
Feel free from having problems with homeowners, paying utility bills and talking to property agents
Our residents work in international companies
We prepared everything to make your living comfortable
Comfortable bed with pillow and blanket
Storage space
Blackout curtains
Kitchen utensils
Ironing board
Washing machine and dryer
Microwave and teapot
...and even coffee capsules
Each apartment is fully-furnished and ready to move in
Colife is a friendly community of creative and talented experts and students
  • Sport events
  • Fun activities
  • Speaking club
We host free events for tenants every week, where together we find some inspiration for completing our goals
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Reviews from residents
Feel the atmosphere of Colife from those who already live with us
"It's so important to come home, where it's so cozy and warm. Light walls and furniture. This immediately sets a positive attitude"
"I want to express my great gratitude to Colife. Everyone who writes to me on social networks:
"Tell me, are Colife scammers?" — they are not scammers, guys! Feel free to check in
The story of how difficult it is to relocate and find a well-renovated room
A month ago I moved into my cozy apartment. Many thanks to Colife. They create magical rooms for creative young people.
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