Do you sell apartments in Dubai? We rent apartments of your clients quickly and profitably

We pay 10% of our first-year profit by monthly payments or up to 3000 AED at once. Earn more per client with Colife property management service
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founded in 2018
5 years in the market
37 000 sq.ft of assets in management
Colife is the international management and investment service in Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul and Hong Kong
12 days average exposition time per unit
more than $200 000 receive monthly our owners
95% average occupancy even in summer
60% of partner agents rent out more than 5 apartments at the same time and earn every month with us
  • all types of contracts: from short-term to long-term;
  • all acquisition channels: Airbnb, Booking, Google and FB Ads, etc.
  • more than 2000 applications from tenants every month;
  • more than 100,000 followers on Colife social networks;
  • community and network for residents;
  • premium service 24/7 for owners and tenants.
Why are we one of the best management company to rent out apartments in Dubai by owner reviews?
We earn when you earn
Professional preparation which increases the rental rate
We've been on the market for 5 years and know what are in demand and how to rent out more profitably
No debts for rent and utilities
We pay on time
Responsibility for property
We are conducting proper check-in and check-out inspections to be sure that the apartment will be in good condition
Solution to all emerging problems
Minor repairs dispute resolution with neighbors and much more
Search for tenants
We have our own base of tenants. We handle showings, move-is and outs and prepare your apartment at each stage
Only reliable tenants
We checked candidates using a proven system: questionnaires and interviews
All rights remain with you
Under the contract we act as your representative and have no rights to dispose of the apartment
24/7 on-call duty
In touch 24/7 and ready to go the apartment address to solve the problem
Be inspired by the style and furnishing of our clients' properties by Colife designers
Be inspired by the style and furnishing of our clients' properties by Colife designers
Earn not only on sales, but also on rent without additional effort
Leave a request and get 10% of predicted income of the first year in advance
Reviews of owners and agents about cooperation with Colife
Reviews of owners and agents about cooperation with Colife
Century 21 CEO
Nazir Bragar
Egor Provkin
Liza Shukhman
«I have been trusting my clients in COLIFE for over one year now. Cooperation with the company is always a guarantee of my reputation»
«We have been working with COLIFE for 1 year already and we recommend cooperation with this project to achieve volumes that seemed impossible before»
«An amazing project that I can't stop admiring! As a realtor, it was easy and simple for me to work with Colife, they are conquering the real estate market by leaps and bounds! The future belongs to guys like Сolife, where everything is clear and in its place»
Альбина Нуриева
Richard Beaumont
«Наши агенты всегда предлагают COLIFE для клиентов, которые покупают квартиру под аренду. Это наш козырь для заключения эксклюзива. Мы успешно и долго сотрудничаем на уровне компаний»
«Colife for those who are tired of constant risk, search and worries. For me, it's like a pill that got rid of headaches and all-round difficulties in the selection of tenants»
Amir — owner in Dubai:
With Colife all tenants were carefully chosen so i was sure that my apt was in good hands live in my apartment. Even if there are any questions, no one bothers me. All problems are fixed by COLIFE.

I used to lease an apartment, and there were lots of problems. For example, if something has broken — I even had to came for rent myself.

All this takes time. And now I am very happy and calm. Timely payments and the absence of worries are significant to me.
Marat - owner in Dubai:
I have been cooperating with COLIFE for the third year.

This is an excellent young team of competent punctual managers. You never need to remind of yourself. Everything is always on time.

My apartment was well renovated by COLIFE’s team. Also I’ve never received any complaints from neighbors or the concierge.
Denis — owner in Dubai:
We have been cooperating with COLIFE for a year now.

The fact that this guys have a lot of apartments, calmed me down and reassured that it wasn’t a fraud

The biggest plus is transparency. Everything is clear with finances and there are never delays. Any issues are resolved quickly and there’s no headache because of the residents.
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Main license No. 1044231