Rent out your property in Dubai with no risks at 25% above market prices
  • We increase the property income up to 20% by design and furnishing
  • Check in solvent professionals from our client base
  • Manage your property responsibly: solve issues from A to Z
Estimate revenue for rental for free
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80% of landlords come by recommendation
Founded in 2018
5 years in real estate
37 000 sq. ft of assets in management
Colife is the international management and investment service in Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul and Hong Kong
12 days your flat is on market
$ 100 000 we pay monthly to landlords
93% occupancy rate
$55 average rent per sq.m
We work with both landlords and tenants to provide them with ongoing support and exceptional apartments conditions
  1. We create interiors that distinguish from competitors
  2. We successfully attract young professionals to rent out your apartments and provide them with service 24/7
  3. We provide cleanliness, control and manage your property with response.
Our business is renting out so the main things are partnerships with landlords and the loyalty of tenants who want to come back again and again
Our main goal is for tenants to live long with us and pay high rents
Since 2018 we help modern professionals to rent stylish apartments with 24/7 service
We focus on careful tenants selection for building long-term relationships with landlords.
Who are the COLIFE tenants?
  • employees of large financial and IT companies
  • digital nomads and freelancers
  • young professional talents from different countries
We earn when you earn
According to data from Property Finder, we rent out 12% more expensive than similar properties. There are real examples when we rent out 35% higher than other flats in the same towers.
Show us your property in a real life or zoom meeting. Get free estimation and calculation of renovation costs. Sign the contract.
How it works?
We make property interior renovation, photography and editing.
After – update listings and start marketing activities.
We manage your property. You get passive income.
COLIFE property management magic
Starting rental price: $31.200
Rental price with COLIFE: $39.452
Tower maintenance: $7.973
COLIFE commission: $5.918
Profit: $25.561
ROI: 10,3%

We increased annual property income up to 25%.
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Already with us:
Rent out your apartment in Dubai profitably with our assistance
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Apartments managed by Colife
Reviews of property owners about cooperation with Colife
Amir — owner in Dubai:
With Colife all tenants were carefully chosen so i was sure that my apt was in good hands live in my apartment. Even if there are any questions, no one bothers me. All problems are fixed by COLIFE.

I used to lease an apartment, and there were lots of problems. For example, if something has broken — I even had to came for rent myself.

All this takes time. And now I am very happy and calm. Timely payments and the absence of worries are significant to me.
Andrey — owner in Dubai:
I have been cooperating with COLIFE for the third year.

This is an excellent young team of competent punctual managers. You never need to remind of yourself. Everything is always on time.

My apartment was well renovated by COLIFE’s team. Also I’ve never received any complaints from neighbors or the concierge.
Denis — owner in Dubai:
We have been cooperating with COLIFE for a year now.

The fact that this guys have a lot of apartments, calmed me down and reassured that it wasn’t a fraud

The biggest plus is transparency. Everything is clear with finances and there are never delays. Any issues are resolved quickly and there’s no headache because of the residents.
Rent out your apartment in Dubai profitably with our assistance
Leave your details. We will contact you and tell more about cooperation
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Colife Vacation homes LLC Dubai
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Main license No. 1044231