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  • Local Insights
    Offering recommendations on local attractions, restaurants, and cultural experiences.
  • Reservations and Bookings
    Assistance with restaurant reservations, event tickets, travel arrangements, and car rentals.
  • Personal Assistance
    Handling special requests like floral arrangements, deliveries, laundry, and appointment scheduling.
  • Fulfilling Requests
    Managing wake-up calls, room service, and coordinating special occasions.
  • Interpretation Services
    Providing professional language interpretation for meetings and events.
  • Efficiency
    Just message us and we will assist you with any inquiries as soon as possible.
Choose the perfect accommodation in Dubai with a personal assistant included:
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Services We Provide
  • Bookings of all kinds
    From local dining spots to luxury travel arrangements, we've got you covered.
  • Personal Shopping & Delivery
    Let us handle your shopping needs, from groceries to special gifts.
  • Courier Services
    Efficient delivery solutions for all your packages and documents.
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning
    Scheduled or urgent, we'll take care of your clothing and household textiles.
  • Travel Planning & Excursions
    Organize your trips, tours, and adventures hassle-free.
  • Event Management
    From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, leave the planning to us.
  • Home Maintenance
    Calling a handyman or managing property, we've got the expertise.
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Everything is prepared for your comfortable living
Comfortable bed with pillow and blanket
Storage space
Workplace (check availability)
Blackout curtains
Kitchen utensils
Ironing board
Washing machine and dryer
Microwave and teapot
...and even coffee capsules
The apartments are fully-furnished and ready to move in
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Reviews from residents
Feel the atmosphere of Colife from our amazing tenants
  • Oksana
    It's so important to come home, where it's so cozy and warm. Light walls and furniture. This immediately sets a positive attitude
  • Kirill
    I want to express my great gratitude to Colife. Everyone who writes to me on social networks: "Tell me, are Colife scammers?" — they are not scammers, guys! Feel free to check in
  • Gabriel
    The story of how difficult it is to relocate and find a well-renovated room
  • Sofia
    A month ago I moved into my cozy apartment. Many thanks to Colife. They create magical rooms for creative young people.
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